Change in weather

A little change in weather here in Anchorage. We got a little cold front that moved in, so it went from lots of rain to some fresh snow and clear blue skies. Today I went for a really nice rollerski and tried to soak up some of that vitamin D I’ve been missing the last couple weeks. It was around 40 degrees, time to start wearing gloves.

 Little bit of snow left today on campus.
Waxed up the skis yesterday.
Below are some pictures my teammate Reese Hanneman took of me rollerskiing last week.



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Skiing in Anchorage

There is not a lot of snow in Anchorage but about a 15 minute drive up the hillside there is enough to do some quality rock skiing.
Here is a couple picture from last week, right after we got the snow.

Yesterday I was a little slow getting out the door for my afternoon workout. It got kind of hard to see the trail but there was an amazing sunset over town.



Today we had a time trial, it felt great to ski hard in the race suit. Two more time trials before I head off next weekend for the Super Tour circuit.
Top three results
1. Erik Flora 21:01
2. Erik Bjornsen 21:36
3. Mark Iverson 21:44
Coach Flora has been training hard and will be racing in the West Yellowstone Super Tour.
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