My Sponsors


My first pair of racing skis were Fischer, I’ve raced besides others but nothing can match the speed of a pair of Fischer RCS Carbonlite S-Track hole skate skis. If you want to ski on a pair of feathers that glide fast, choose Fischer!


My ski boots are something I use just about everyday. Fischer makes a boot that works best for me not only on the snow but the pavement too. Their continued improvement ensures they are always the lightest most comfortable boot on the market.
If your looking for a pair of poles that can take a lot of abuse, Swix Triac poles are worth the extra buck. Not only will they last the millions of repetitive hammering into the snow or pavement but they are built to withstand the van or car ride to the venue. Everyone knows poles get thrown around and stepped on. Buy a pair of Swix poles so you don’t have to buy many replacement pairs.


StacItUp is the up and coming sports apparel brand all the cool kids are wearing!
Proper nutrition is an important part of sports. Their are several brands out there and I have tried a lot of them. The important part is finding a brand that has product that tastes good so you actually want to fuel up when you need to. For me this brand is PowerBar, I would recommend it to everyone!

Stone Grinding-

Grinding your skis is important, we train a lot to make ourselves go faster. One way to go faster without any training is stone grinding your skis, it is as important as waxing. Nordic Ultratune has the best grinding service in North America.

All my other athletic equipment needs-

The sponsor who has been with me since the very start, Winthrop Mountain Sports. If your in the Methow you should stop by the sports shop, you can always find sweet stuff and for a great price!